Pain Genie

Are you suffering with Pain?

Now there is a solution

The Pain Genie Scenar™ is the most technically advanced pain relief device in existence and represents a breakthrough in stimulating the body's natural self healing abilities. Developed by an elite team of doctors and scientists to keep cosmonauts in optimum health during space travel, it is now the treatment of choice by an increasing number of world-class athletes and medical professionals. It is highly effective in all forms of pain relief including neck/back pain, sports injuries, whiplash, fractures, arthritis, RSI, headaches, IBS, sciatica, burns and aching joints.

The most technically advanced pain relief device in existence

Back Pain

 As the Pain Genie Scenar is brushed over an area of inflammation or pain, gentle electrical impulses, similar to those produced by the nervous system, are sent to the brain stimulating the instant release of powerful natural healing compounds. The results are usually immediate and long lasting, most people are able to achieve a dramatic reduction in pain, often within seconds.

There are no wires, programming or complex instructions and it can be used almost anywhere.

Fast effective pain relief

Millions of people around the world simply put up with pain believing it is a part of life - the cost of getting older, being too active in sport or just trying to deal with injuries that do not appear to heal. Now there is a solution….....

Pain Genie

The Pain Genie helps with all forms of pain including backache, rheumatic pain and sports injuries