Nutritional Therapy

Good nutrition is the foundation of optimum health.  

Nutritional Therapy is a natural approach to restoring and maintaining good health through the use of diet and supplementation.  Nutritional Therapy focuses on identifying and alleviating underlying causes which are leading to adverse symptoms.  Each nutritional programme is tailored to the client with optimum health the ultimate goal.

Nutritional Therapy is a complementary therapy which works in conjunction with orthodox medicine.

"I had one session with Chris and it totally changed my life. I had been lacking in energy for months and was falling asleep as soon as I sat on my sofa at home! Having made a few changes to my diet I am getting back to my old self. I've also noticed that my skin has greatly improved and I no longer feel bloated. What a miracle!!" - Gillian



Britain 'sickest' country in Europe with worst

rates of obesity and teenage pregnancy


 By Daniel Martin

 Last updated at 9:37 PM on 27th January 2009

England has been exposed as the sick man of Europe, with the highest rates of obesity. More women die of alcoholic liver disease and cancer here than in almost any other country. Heart attack and smoking rates were among the highest, and infant mortality was among the worst on the continent - despite billions of pounds pumped into the NHS. Critics immediately seized on the findings, saying Labour's failed policies risked bankrupting the Health Service. The damning survey, the Health Profile of England 2008, was published by the Government. It compares the nation's health with the 15 western European countries which were part of the EU before 2004 - the 'EU-15'. It also compares us with the 12 largely Eastern European countries which joined in that year. Britain had the worst adult obesity level of all, at 23 per cent - almost twice the level in France, the report said. Alarmingly, it found the number of seriously overweight people is rising, despite expensive health campaigns. Doctors are also diagnosing more people with diabetes. Death rates from cancer are falling, but are still above the EU-15 average for female patients. Death rates from smokingrelated causes are higher than the average for the whole of the EU, including eastern Europe. Deaths from alcoholic liver disease and cirrhosis are up for both sexes, and for the first time death rates are above the western European average for women. Separate figures show alcohol-related deaths have more than doubled since 1991, to 8,724. The Health Profile reveals that teenage pregnancy rates are the highest in western Europe. They account for 7.1 per cent of all births, five times the figure in Denmark. Infant mortality is among the highest in western Europe. And life expectancy is below the EU-15 average for women, but higher for men. 

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