New Asyra research

 A new study to be published in 2011 shows the Asyra to be extremely effective in treating allergy patients.


The study monitored the condition of 35 individuals suffering from the symptoms of allergies, over the course of 4 months. Of the subjects:

  • 25 were tested using the Asyra bio-resonant screening device and remedies were imprinted using the testing plate
  • 5 received a placebo treatment
  • 5 received no treatment at all

Any change in the health of each subject was measured before and after the treatment. Both the placebo and control groups showed a slight deterioration in their condition, while subjects who received the Asyra remedies all saw an improvement of between 80%-90%. See the graph below.

From left to right along the X-axis, the first 25 subjects are those treated with the Asyra, the next 5 are the recipients of the placebo, and the final 5 were the control group. The red bar represents each individual’s symptom severity at the beginning of the study; the green represents that symptom severity at the end of the 4 months.